Our New Clubhouse

The new clubhouse offers ample space and entertainment for parties and events by providing a fully stocked kitchen, lounge area with several big screen televisions, banquet and meeting rooms and a state of the art golf simulator with over 80 golf courses available.

Special Thanks To:

Ike Morris, Mack Worl, Greg Smith, Ted Charles, Paul Woodford, John Lilly, John Westfall, Flying W Plastics, Lance Woodford, Berk Reed, Doug Cottrill, Dick Barrett, Daniel Smith, Randy Ratliff, Jack Reed, Wes Smith, Mike Ross, Tom Lilly, Travis Woodford, Steve Debrular, Justin Woodford

Clubhouse History

The first clubhouse was built in the early ’40s. It was a single room, wooden structure which served the club until the winter of 1963 when it was destroyed by fire.  After the fire, members of the club & community came together and rebuilt a new clubhouse the same year which served the club from 1963 to October of 2014.  In October of 2014 the members saw a vision come true with the beginning construction of the new modern and much larger clubhouse that opened in May of 2015.